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Opening a new service line every year based on the demands of our clients and communities, we have continually adapted to meet the needs of those we trust: our clients.

Unsurpassed Reputation

The only thing that lasts is your word. We do what we say, and make things right. It may cost us more in the short term, but has proven our success in the long run.

We Are The Specialists You Can Trust For An Innovative Solution.

Relationship-based Solutions

Finding A Long-term Solution Is Our Goal!

In 2005, Robert Jolly & Mead Silsbee saw a need in the market for commercial real estate to work with retailers, landlords, and developers. They formed Retail Specialist to develop and manage retail transactions.

They thrived even through the 2008 recession becoming the premier real estate of the southeast.

But community officials wanted more. How do they attract new retail and retain existing businesses?

Again, they listened to property owners, retailers, and community officials. In 2011, Robert and Mead formed Retail Strategies to help communities in retaining and recruiting retail. Working side by side with a commercial real estate firm, partnering with retailers and communities, developers, and landlords.

Our experience makes your experience exceptional.”

Mead Silsbee, Founder

Need Help With Retail Solutions?

We are specialists!

We employ a range of experienced professionals who can offer insight into your needs, be it real estate, ownership, revitalization, tax incentives, or insider trends.

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