Growing and Innovating with communities

We exist to measurably improve th quality of life in communities
through innovation and entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Retail Real Estate

Commercial brokerage, leasing, development, property management, and tenant representation.

Retail Consulting

Municipal retail recruitment, education, downtown revitalization, and small business support.

Robert Jolly, CEO

“If I say I will, I will.”

18 Long Years Of Retail Real Estate and Entrepreneurial Growth

In 2005, Robert Jolly & Mead Silsbee saw a need in the market for commercial real estate to work with retailers, landlords, and developers. They formed Retail Specialists to develop and manage retail transactions.

In 2011, Robert and Mead formed Retail Strategies to help communities in retaining and recruiting retail. Recruitment works side by side with a commercial real estate firm, partnering with retailers and communities, developers, and landlords.

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Our Services

We are the retail real estate experts that help communities thrive.

retail specialists

Full-service commercial real estate leasing, brokerage, tenant representation, development, and property management.

retail strategies

Retail recruitment services with specialized services for retail education, downtown revitalization, and small business support.

ram development

Specialized development endeavors,
capital finance, and
residential development.

All things retail real estate

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your retail and real estate needs.

Our Contributions

Sectors We Serve!


Community leaders, economic developers, city council members, mayors, and more.

  • Retail Recruitment
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Retail Education (DIY recruitment)


Do you own real estate, shopping centers, or property?

  • Property Management
  • Brokerage & Leasing
  • Development


Do you occupy space or need assistance in expanding into space?

  • Tenant Representation
  • Small Business Support

Need Help with a better retail solution?

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